Treetop Circuits

Lead-Free Solder

This product uses RoHS-compliant parts and solder wherever possible, which drastically reduces the amount of lead, mercury, and other metals present.

The only visible difference is the solder. We use a tin-silver-copper alloy instead of the traditional tin-lead alloy.

This solder has a higher melting point than tin-lead, and is somewhat less forgiving where soldering technique is concerned. Because of the higher temperature, flux boil-off occurs rapidly, leading to a less smooth surface. However, we've found that with good soldering practices we get excellent wetting and good joints.

As with tin-lead solder, a good joint shows evidence of good wetting and a bright, clean appearance. Unlike tin-lead solder, the surface has a matte or grainy appearance. This is due to the way this alloy crystallizes when it solidifies, and is not to be confused with the dull surface frequently associated with badly-made joints.